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For Sale

Our meat program is getting a fresh new start!

After taking a few years off because of a move and losing pasture, we feel we have rounded up enough grass to provide beef a few times a year.

We will have meat for sale in quarters, halves and whole beef starting the late fall of 2024 and again in early spring of 2025.

We have both forage fed, forage finished
and forage fed, grain finished beef available. 

Our forage raised beef is just that, 100% forage raised until the date of harvest. We use grassy pastures, hay or cover crops to accomplish this.

Our forage fed, grain finished beef has a diet that is mostly forage based. Again we use grassy pastures, hay or cover crops, plus we supplement with a small percentage of their diet in grain for the last 45-60 days.

If you have a special request, reach out and we can see how we can try to accommodate you.

We'd love to chat with you and provide any education we can in regards to the meat you eat. 


Price: We sell based on the hanging weight from the butcher, our fees include the harvest fee and the cutting & wrapping fees.

How much meat will I get?: This varies largely on the live weight of the animal and if you're wanting forage or grain finished. See the chart below.

Processor: Roe's Custom Meats in Weiser, they use paper wrap.

Breed of cattle: We use crossbred cattle in our meat program. While our main cow herd base is Charolais, we do have various cross cattle including Red Angus, Black Angus, Hereford, and Simmental. 

Do you vaccinate?:

Do you use hormones?:


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