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Is there something hurting your profitability and

you're not sure how to address it? 


I've helped ranches all over the Western U.S. create their own unique programs to address their grazing management, environment, and marketing needs which are unique to them. A genetic program doesn't happen in a vacuum. Every other facet of production should come into play when you are crafting your breed composition, trait selection, and seedstock supplier choice.

In short, the entire picture needs to be accounted for. This approach has been used successfully in all kinds of environments with ranches of all different sizes.

Services I provide include:

- Audits of Existing Programs

- Marketing Program Design

- Audits of Range and Soil Health

- Audits to Qualify for Land to Market Program

- Holistic Grazing, Planning, and Financial Planning Services and Consulting

I will assist your operation in spending less on expensive inputs,

increase forage production, and assist in increasing profit.


I would love to hear from you

Call me at: (208) 590-6167

E-mail at:

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